pixel crane logo


Red Ribbon Shoppe is my own brand of merch I've designed myself and sell through channels such as Etsy, retailers, and craft events. Recently, I've been making changes to the brand. Instead of the sans-serif font I usually use, this newer logo is hand-written. THis is because I wanted to give my brand a feeling of small-store independance it was missing. The red ribbon icon is still there though, as well as the red colour.

Below is the first Red Ribbon Shoppe logo and various mock ups of it. I've used this logo religiously since 2016. It's based on a character I created from my childhood. Since one of the qualities of my store is to create designs inspired by nostalgia, I felt incorporating her red ribbon in the store logo was appropriate.

Because this brand and the designs are close to myself, my brand will continue to evolve as I grow!