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Polar bear & harp seal pin
Blue rose pin
Origami crane pin
The darkest night produces the brightest stars
Jungle terrarium pin
Night lotus in a jar pin
Pastel sea angel and manta ray pins
Memento mori pin of a skull hourglass
Mash-up parody pin of Pokemon and Polly Pocket
Cut of salmon pin
Sextant and telescope pin in silver and blue glitter
Pastel manta ray pins & sea angel pin

Aside from my full-time job as a designer, I maintain an online store filled with products I designed and sometimes I take my inventory with me to various shows and conventions to sell. These designs are all inspired by my interests and hobbies such as animals, nature, anime and mythology.

As a part of maintaining my store, I need to take product photos for social media and my shop website. These photos were taken around my house with miscallaneous props and supplies (mostly from the Dollarstore). Afterwards, I'd edit the photos either on my phone or using Photoshop.