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Polar bear & harp seal pin
Amazon panther pin
Blue rose pin
Amazon panther pin
Black crow pin with bread around its neck
Jungle terrarium pin
Pastel sea angel and manta ray pins
Pastel manta ray pin
Memento mori pin of a skull hourglass
Mash-up parody pin of Pokemon and Polly Pocket
Cut of salmon pin
Koi fish pin set
Pastel manta ray pins & sea angel pin
Pokemon pocket horsea pin
Terrarium pin
Tiny dinosaur pins

I like the individuality conveyed in enamel pins, particularly how they hold so much sense of the artist on a tiny space. Owning a pin by an indie artist is like owning a trading card of them, and the pins make a great statement on jackets and totes. For my own collectable set, I first drew multiple thumbnails of designs that appealed to me.

Each design was carefully thought out with the following questions in mind. Is the idea unique? Is there already a pin with this design on the market? Does this design personally speak to me as well as others?

After deciding on a design, I draw up rough drafts of each pin. Some pins go through as many as a dozen revisions before I hit the "right" design. The right design to me is the composition that conveys the idea the best, connects to others, and is in a shape that won't run into production issues (like too much negative space for example)