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Acrylic is a new artist material that revolutionized how artists create things, and one of my favourite materials to design in. I enjoy printing and selling my designs as acrylic keychains. The clear acrylic and epoxy gloss catches light in ways a paper laminated keychain (popular in the art community 20 years ago) couldn't.

However, recently, I began branching out and playing with more 3D acrylic designs.

This is a hybrid-keychain stand I designed deaturing some of my favourite Pokemon characters. It's double-sided, slots into a base to become a standee, or is a keychain on its own.

This design was a reversible diorama I created of characters from a video game I enjoy. The piece is reversible- depending on how you built the piece, the setting would be diffrent as shown below.

I want to continue to experimenting with acrylic, there'so much that can be done with it!