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Polar bear & harp seal pin
Amazon panther pin
Koi fish pin set
Pastel manta ray pins & sea angel pin
Pokemon pocket horsea pin
Terrarium pin
Bread cat & bread shiba pin
Origami crane pin
Rose dagger pin
Tiny dinosaur pins
Pigeon pin
Eygptian Little Helpers pins

I like the individuality conveyed in enamel pins, particularly how they hold so much sense of the artist on a tiny space. Owning a pin by an indie artist is like owning a trading card of them, and the pins make a great statement on jackets and totes. For my own collectable set, I first drew multiple thumbnails of designs that appealed to me.

Each design was carefully thought out with the following questions in mind. Is the idea unique? Is there already a pin with this design on the market? Does this design personally speak to me as well as others?

After deciding on a design, I draw up rough drafts of each pin. Some pins go through as many as a dozen revisions before I hit the "right" design. The right design to me is the composition that conveys the idea the best, connects to others, and is in a shape that won't run into production issues (like too much negative space for example)